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HomecompanyMineral oil coating agent
Mineral oil

Mineral oil coating agent

Price INR150.00
Packge 1kg
  • Min. Order:1kg
  • Supply Ability:20 tons
  • Time:2022-05-20

Product Details

  • Product NameMineral oil
  • CAS No.8042-47-5
  • EINECS No.232-455-8
  • MFN/A
  • MW23.9979
  • Appearancelight oilwhite
  • density 0.85 g/mL at 20 °C
  • Water Solubility insoluble
  • storage temp. room temp


  • Acidity of white oils: Pass

  • Appearance: Clear

  • FTIR for White Oils: Pass

  • Limit of Polycyllc Aromatic Hydrocarbon: Pass

  • Limit of Sulfur Compounds-NF: Pass

  • Solid Paraffins: Pass

  • UV Absorption USP: Pass

  • Odor Test: Pass

  • Readily Carbonizable Substances: Pass

  • Solid Paraffins: Pass

  • Color Saybolt: >30

  • Flash Point:>157°C

  • Kinematic Viscosity: 11.5-14.1

  • Pour Point: -27°C

  • Saybolt Universal Viscosity: 65.0-78.0

  • Specific Gravity (@60oF): 0.839-0.867

  • Sulfur Compounds:Pass

Product Description

Some of the key mineral oil properties include (a) viscosity, (b) oxidative stability, (c) volatility, (d) solvency, (e) pressure-viscosity coefficient, (f) pour point, and (g) color. Viscosity is the single most critical mineral oil property.

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