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Ethyl cellulose

Factory supply Ethyl cellulose

Price USD40.60
Packge 1KG
  • Min. Order:1KG
  • Supply Ability:5000kg
  • Time:2021-12-01

Product Details

  • Product NameEthyl cellulose
  • CAS No.9004-57-3
  • EINECS No.618-384-9
  • MFC23H24N6O4
  • MW448.47446
  • AppearancepowderWhite to slightly yellow
  • Water Solubility insoluble
  • density 1.14 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
  • storage temp. 2-8°C
  • Melting point 240-255 °C

 Ethyl cellulose CAS 9004-57-3 supplier in China

  1. product description

 Ethyl Cellulose(EC) is usually insoluble in water but soluble in various kinds of organic solvents. It has good thermal stability and low ash content when burning. In addition, it seldom gets sticky or bitter, so can form tough and tensile films and maintain flexibility even at low temperatures. The product is non-toxic, strong in antibiotic effects and metabolically inert but apt to oxidative degradation in the sun or UV light (ultraviolet light). The special-purpose Ethyl Cellulose(EC) can also be classified into types soluble in alkaline liquor or pure water.


1. Pharma: EC could be used as adhension, filling, thin-film forming, controlled release and so on
2. Food 
3. Paint &Ink
4.  Electronic &Conductive Pastes
5.  Hot Melts
6.  Paper Coating
7.  Packing

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